Headstart Portsea Excursion

On November 24 (during our Headstart program), the Year 12, 2017 Environmental Science class went to Portsea for the day to collect data for a school project, and be a part of “The Great Victorian Fish”.

The Fish Count is an incentive to explore Victoria’s beautiful sea, and a practical way to make our oceans healthier and happier places for our unique marine plants and animals to live. For more than a decade, every year volunteer divers and snorkelers have taken to Victoria’s coastal waters to count reef fish.

2016 was the first time that Salesian College were involved. The data we collected made an invaluable contribution to marine science in Victoria. We certainly saw why the fish count is one of the state’s most successful citizen science events.

To record the different fish species, we used an underwater slate which meant we could write under water!

Some of the highlights of our trip were seeing the different marine life that lives in our bay, seeing our state marine emblem, the Weedy Seadragon (around five of them), as well as witnessing a Banjo Shark and a huge Smooth Stingray.

It was the first time a few of the boys had been snorkelling before, and they did really well. Everyone got involved and had a really good time.

Mr Nick Shaw
Science and Mathematics Teacher

Portsea4 Portsea3 Portsea2 Portsea1sea dragon