History – Ancient Salesian Mummies

On Wednesday 18 September, we did something very exciting in our History class to end the topic Ancient Egypt; we turned delicious juicy apples to mummified Apples! We also turned some of our class-mates into mummies and competed against each other to see who created the best! My friends and I came second. It was the best history lesson ever!
Michael Nguyen, 7A

On Wednesday 18 September, our 7A made class mummies. We were in groups of five and had a race to see which group could wrap one group member in paper rolls like an Egyptian mummy. The only rule was you couldn’t rip the paper – which made it a much harder task. After we mummified apples, we put the apples into natron salt and left them on the table. The class is going to reveal these after the holidays.
Overall we all had a great day, and hope our teacher (Miss Blizzard) will run a class like that that again.
Joshua Fernando 7A