Homemade Woodfired Pizza Coming Soon!

For the past few months (as most of you know) the Year 11 VCAL class have been constructing a wood fired pizza oven which we ordered from the Melbourne Fire Brick Company. While we were building the pizza oven, all of the students had a go at building different parts of the pizza oven. We all learnt valuable lessons for later on in life about building and constructing different items. Not only have we built the pizza oven, we have also worked on two side projects – two planter boxes which we have finished and two preparation benches which are almost finished. Throughout this entire process each class member contributed and there was a lot of work put in from certain students who were able to bring their own prior knowledge and teach us what we didn’t know how to do.

Now that we have almost finished the pizza oven, we have started to dry it out by lighting fires inside. But this means it can be hazardous, so we have a message for the Salesian Community, you all know the pizza oven is right next to the Valdocco building, we do not want students coming close to the oven itself in case you harm yourself. Please do not tamper with it. We want to be able to sell pizzas, and we want to make sure this runs smoothly.

We have decided that we are going to use the pizza oven to run a business selling pizzas to the school. As you know, we sent out a whole school survey to everyone asking various questions e.g. what you think is a reasonable price for slices of pizza and a good price for a whole pizza. We have decided that we will prepare the pizza dough each Monday and maybe take orders from one or two year levels so we will know roughly how many pizza’s to make. We have estimated that a slice of pizza will be about $2.00 and we will notify you by emailing each year level so you know when it’s your turn to order and buy delicious home-made wood fired pizzas! Some of the pizzas we are planning to sell are Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Capriccioso and Margarita to name just a few.

With the expected earnings we receive from selling pizzas, we will count up the profit and donate it to a charity of our choice. We really hope you buy a slice (or a whole pizza!) so we can give generously to charity and give the community tastier options at lunchtime!

Year 11 Intermediate VCAL Class