Italian Excursion – Grand Prix

On Friday 24 March , forty Year 9 Italian students headed to Albert Park for the 2017 Melbourne Grand Prix. Having studied the topic of Formula Uno in class, it was great to experience the real thing. The noise, the commotion, and the energy blew us all away.

On arrival the RAAF Roulettes went through their paces, but it was the Formula Uno cars that had us in awe at the speed and power of the engines. The students ventured around the many demonstrations and were delighted to get some hands on experience. There were many cars on show; including the classics, the vintage, and of course, the Ferrari. Even the teachers were able to test run some of the Vespas. Around the park were various games, activities, talks on career pathways and an RMIT display. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The highlight of the day was watching the Formula Uno cars on the race track. They were extremely impressive, and very, very fast.

Mrs Ivana Ryan
Head of Language