Italian Excursion to Hepburn Springs

The Year 9 Italian students visited the Macaroni Factory in Hepburn Springs. The visit to the factory complemented their studies in Agritourism and Immigration. The factory tour focused on the history of the premises, as well as the immigration story of Italian families in the Hepburn and Daylesford area. Students were able to touch some of the relics of the past, learn of the struggles of the early settlers and gain an appreciation of how creative the new arrivals were in facing challenges. The tour continued in the dining room, as the fresco above our heads was explained. The fresco was a record of the heart and soul of the former residents. The fresco highlighted the politics, the religion, the homeland and the family, that were all woven together to create a new life in a new country. The day was complete with a pasta lunch in the historical building.

Mrs Ivana Ryan
Head of Italian

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