Keys Please

Good drivers aren’t born. They are made. And the best way to become a good driver is to get plenty of driving experience.
But sometimes, learning how to change gears, or even how to change lanes can seem a breeze compared with the challenge of getting your parents/guardians to hand over the car keys.
Keys Please can change that! The Keys Please student program covers:
• Why 120 hours of driving practice?
• Importance of the partnership between supervising driver (parent) and learner driver (student)
• Stages of learning to drive
• Staying safe on your P’s
• Resources that are available for Learner Drivers/Supervising Drivers

There is also an online parent/supervising driver resource to watch by going to

Salesian College Chadstone is hosting a Keys Please Student session on Thu 19 June during period 6 and 7.

Rhea Beurs
Head of Savio