Language Week

Language Week was an exciting experience for the students this year. Many delicious Italian treats were available at the canteen, such as cannoli, tiramisu, pizza and Baci. Some classes took part in a Bocce competition, while other classes took part in cultural activities. Many students enjoyed gelato from the Gelati Van.

The highlight of the week was the Pasta Eating Competition. To enter the competition students had to complete a set of questions focusing on cultural facts. Twenty-four students were then selected to compete for their House.  Each competitor wore a white t-shirt and abided by the correct eating technique of twirling the pasta on the fork. This was fiercely judged and points were deducted for spillage, marks on their t-shirt or lack of technique.  The Year 11 Italian students werestrict judges and showed no mercy for the entrants.  All Houses presented strong competitors, and after all points were calculated the winning team was Annecy. This event was attended by many students and staff who strongly supported the spectacle. We look forward to a greater array of activities for next year.

Mrs Ivana Ryan
Head of Language

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