The Year 10 Applied Learning (PreCAL) Program

The Year 10 PreCAL Program (Pre Certificate of Applied Learning) is targeted at applied learners. The program offers a case managed approach to pathways support for students. It aims to open doors to any of the following: VCAL, TAFE, Pre-Apprenticeship, and/or fulltime employment following transition from Years 10 to Years 11 and 12.

Teachers deliver a targeted curriculum that offers individualised support. With the exception of their elective subjects, all the core subjects are taught within the program by the PreCAL Teachers. Reporting is integral to reflect the goals aims and achievements of the individual students program. In Semester One, the PreCAL Program includes an applied approach to the mainstream curriculum. In Semester Two, the program breaks away from mainstream entirely and becomes project based, where the students meet their learning outcomes through a project designed to suit their learning styles.
In addition, students will attend a TAFE Taster Program every Wednesday in Semester One. This enables the student to set goals, gather experience and achieve a qualification that can later be recognised. It also offers the student a taste of the courses available at TAFE. An institution they will be attending every Wednesday in Year 11 VCAL. In Semester Two, students will attend a work experience placement each Wednesday. Students must find the placement themselves; this is designed to enable our boys to become independent and offer them a chance to network and form ties with people in their field of interest.

Weekly Program:    

(Periods per week):

Alternative English 4
Alternative Mathematics  4
Applied Humanities 3
Applied Science 3
Oratory/R.E 3
TWO Electives 10
Technology 4
Sport 2

Semester One: TAFE Taster Program every Wednesday
Semester Two: Work Experience Placement every Wednesday

Possible TAFE Taster Courses available at Year 10*
Holmesglen TAFE
Creative Engineering
Building Services
Trowel Trades
Furniture and joinery making

* Students are able to select from a much larger range of courses in the Year 11 VCAL Program.

Year 9

This focus begins to develop during Year 9 where the students complete a Tax File Number Application. In doing this they start to think about their working future. The Year 9 students also begin preparations for the possibility of participating in Work Experience during Year 10.

Year 10

Work Experience Program participation is non-compulsory but strongly recommended to all of Year 10. The students are urged to use some of their holiday time during the year to complete a Work Experience Placement. This needs to be organised in advance. The Years students are urged to focus on their interests, abilities, needs and values and put these into a work perspective. Work Experience is a way for the students to fully encounter the world of work from an adult viewpoint and to experience first-hand the work environment.

Each Year 10 student receives a copy of the VICTER, which lists all prerequisite studies for university entry, as well as the Job Guide. All these resources provide a basis for discussion regarding suitable subject choices for their VCE years.

Year 11

During Year 11 students use the Pathways Centre resources to refine their VCE selections for Year 12 and to further develop their career plan. They may choose to use the Course Scan program, which provides a detailed list of tertiary courses for which they are eligible.

Year 12

Our Year 12 students must make some final decisions regarding their future options:

Whether to continue with study or to enter the workforce? or If I am going to study, what will that entail and where will that take place? To begin this process Year 12 students are interviewed by the Careers counsellor in this session they are given advice regarding the process of research that they should be embarking on through the year.

We strongly recommended that our students attend Tertiary Open Days and utilise the University and TAFE websites and handbooks, in order to gain knowledge of all courses on offer. This process culminates in September with the VTAC application procedures and is completed in December with Change of Preference counselling. A VTAC Information Evening is held for parents, which outlines the tertiary selection process.

All Years 10,11,12 students receive regular Careers Newsletter via their College email, which list information sessions, seminars, courses, Open Days and other related careers events. These can also be accessed through the College Community News link on the web site. Every Salesian College student is encouraged to visit the Pathways Centre for research and counseling at recess, lunchtime, after school or by appointment.