Rua Resource Centre


Named in honour of its patron, the Blessed Michael Rua, disciple and first successor of Don Bosco, the Rua Resource Centre is pivotal in continuing the Salesian tradition to create, and continually develop a strong and vibrant learning culture. The Blessed Michael Rua teaches us that “Education is an art that guides the logical but free and original expansion of the pupil’s potential qualities”.

The Rua Resource Centre is committed to continually working with the school community to provide resources, services and facilities that reflect current trends and the ongoing educational requirements of the Salesian College Community into the 21st Century.


The Rua Resource Centre is available to students from 8:00am to 4:30pm on Monday to Thursday and from 8:00am to 3:45pm on Friday, including recess and lunch breaks. Students are able to study and research in the Rua Resource Centre using their laptops either independently or with a class, as well as having access to scanning, printing and photocopying services.


From the secure and learning – rich environment of the physical space, students are guided to further explore and critically analyse the virtual, collaborative and interactive world of networked information, in readiness to face the challenges of the future. The Teacher Librarians facilitate programs that underpin information literacy and research methods as well as nurturing a life-long love of reading and literature; exposing the students to a spectrum of text types, genres and media formats.

Special Events and Activities

Throughout the year the Rua Resource Centre hosts and organises opportunities for students to participate in special events and activities including Expo Night, Rua Reader’s Club, Children’s Book Week, Premiers’ Reading Challenge, The Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s ‘Great Book Swap’ and author visits. Staff and students of the Salesian Community are able to contribute to the Salesian Reading Blog.

Resourcing the Curriculum

The Rua Resource Centre is continually working towards meeting the information needs of the staff and students, especially as we head towards exciting developments in the National Curriculum. Our team works closely with the Head of Learning and Curriculum and the Heads of Department to maintain a combination of relevant and timely information resources in physical and digital formats to support learning across curriculum areas. To facilitate access to an ‘always available’ digital library, staff and students are able to access our digital library on LibGuides, which enables the curating of specific topic content for teaching and learning. Libguides can be accessed through the college intranet or on the web.


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