Year 10 Pre-Cal

Is this program for you?

This tailored program is aimed squarely at those students who are seeking an alternative approach to the mainstream curriculum.

Prospective students must:

  • Want to be part of an approach that informs them of the pathways options available to them and enhances the relevance of these options
  • Be prepared to work hard
  • Go through an interview process once they have expressed interest in joining the program

Key Features

  • Attend a TAFE ‘Taster Program’ each Wednesday for a semester
  • Complete a semester of work placement each Wednesday for a semester
  • Offers individualised support
  • Subjects are taught by the key program teachers – Ms Hanley, Mr Beckham and Mr Thomas
  • Excursions each term that fit within the curriculum
  • Academic development is measured against the year level, students will not be disadvantaged

A greater emphasis is placed on:

  • Improving their organisation   
  • Quick and easy communication between teacher and parents
  • The exclusive attention of their core teachers
  • The accessibility to a planned pathways plan

The Pre-Cal Program

Sample TAFE Courses:

  • Building and Construction Services
  • Trowel Trades
  • Horticulture

School subjects on offer:

Periods per week:

  1. English: 4
  2. Alternative Mathematics: 4
  3. Applied Humanities: 3
  4. Applied Science: 3
  5. R.E/PD: 2
  6. TWO Electives: 10
  7. Sport: 2

Points to note

Post Year 10 transition options available:

  • VCAL
  • TAFE
  • Workplace
  • Head of House continues to oversee student development and wellbeing.
  • There will be additional costs related to TAFE program. Uniform etc

Pre-Cal Boys Reflections

“The class is much smaller compared to the usual class size, so we can ask the teacher more questions if we have to” – Charlie Maglio

“We do more activities in this program which is a lot more fun for us. The Math we are learning, we will need in everyday life, not stuff that we will never use again. We are still able to do our electives like Italian or Art and attending TAFE is a great experience!” – Charles Galluccio

The way we learn in class is very hands-on, which is a much better way for me to learn. The classes are really enjoyable! I find I learn more in the Pathways Class than I ever have before”- Leftere Nikitas

“We are planning to enter a solar boats competition and build solar boats later on in the year. We went to the Grand Prix the other day and we had a great day!”- Samuel Kee