Letter to Editor

Dear Sir/Madam

What is wrong with the Refugees or Asylum Seekers? They run away to be safe and have their own life, they had before. Just imagine your family should leave their countries because they are not safe to stay in their own country. They don’t go to other countries for money or other things, they run away to be safe and to be alive. Every person has their own problems in their own lives, refugees or asylum seekers have problems with the Government, so they have to run away to be alive so they can have their life back again.

Now the rules have been changed, none can come to Australia unless you come with airplane or you have your working visa or other things. Think of the kids that aren’t going to be safe in their countries, or anyone else. We should let people come to Australia to have their life back or other things. We have to help them, because they are human, same as us. We should let them in our country – other countries who seek asylum are laughing at us, because we don`t take any refugees anymore because of the Government.

Why do the Government send refugees or asylum seekers to Nauru and PNG? This land is huge, as we all know, but the population is less than how big the land is. Is it human to send refugees or Asylum Seekers to Nauru and PNG? No it’s not, they came to Australia not to PNG or Nauru to live. Every human is a human being, and the Government is treating them as if they are not human at all. We have to let refugees come to Australia because they need somewhere so they can be safe and looked after. The place the Government are sending them, is not safe as well. Thousands of people came on a boat to a place they can be looked after. Nauru or PNG is not a safe place to be. We need to stop sending refugees to Nauru and PNG!