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Dante Competition

At the end of Term 2, Italian students from Years 9 – 12 attended the Dante Alighieri competition at Melbourne University.  This year was a special year for the Dante Society as it is 750 years since Dante Alighieri was born, and a number of students chose to recite one of his poems. The students learned their poem and practiced their fluency to perform extremely well at the competition.  After the recitation of the poem students enjoyed a pizza lunch. The pizza arrived in metre lengths and the boys had no trouble devouring it.

Of the 39 students that competed, 31 boys received certificates for their performances.  There were two boys who were finalists in the competition, they are Jake Dell’Arciprete and Rangithkumar Ramesh who will be participating again next week in the finals.
The following boys received a High Distinction in the competition: Rodney Baselyous, George Kapaklis, Jamie Phung, Stefano Mascaro, James Tighello, James Casserly, Dylan Goodwill, Larry Genovese, Simon Minopoli, Kishon Pawar, Julian Sezenias.

All students are to be congratulated for their efforts.


2015 Salesian College Chadstone Dante Competition participants


Year 7 and 8 Poetry Competition

The Junior students also competed in a poetry competition.  The Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Swinburne Poetry Competition. A representative from the Swinburne University visited Salesian College to judge the students. Students chose from a selection of poems including Carnevale (Carnival), Nevica (It’s Snowing) and Il Ragno (The Spider).  The students controlled their nerves to recite the poem with good pronunciation and expression.  This experience gave the students a wealth of confidence. Of the 30 students that competed 19 students received certificates.

There was an outstanding performance by Antonio Marguglio who was awarded a state level prize for coming fourth in his division.  The 4 students who received High Distinctions are Niall Heaphy, Vihanga Maddumahewa, Kirk Moneiro and Campbell Phelan.

Well done to all who participated.


2015 Year 7 and 8 Poetry Competition participants

Year 7 and 8 Language Perfect Competition

The Language Perfect program is an online grammar and vocabulary website that challenges the users to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Italian language.

All Year 7 and 8 students participated in the Language Perfect Competition that went for 2 weeks. The students answered many Italian questions about grammar and vocabulary and scored points along the way. The students thoroughly enjoyed the contest and the rivalry generated by the program. There were 29 students who received awards and a special congratulations goes to Jonathan Green and Shevin Fernando for receiving a Gold Award and to Lap Chan for the Silver Award.