Language Week

Incursion – Celebration of Immigration

As part of our Language Week activities, the Senior students were treated to a performance called the Celebration of Immigration. The performance focused on Italian immigration, the hardships confronted and the contributions that the Italians made in all areas of life, particularly in the food industry. Students viewed original film footage of migrant arrival in Australia in the 1950′s and listened to a documentary in Italian.  This was followed by discussion and interaction with culturally significant practices which now form part of the Australian way of life.  The presentation concluded with the lively and graceful steps of the tarantella, the dance of the spider. No Italian celebration would be complete without the song and dance of the tarantella.  The students mastered the rhythms and moves of the dance and were able to shake off the legendary poison of the spider!




Activities During Language Week

Students participated in a variety of activities during Language Week.  Some classes took part in a Bocce competition whilst other classes took part in class quizzes.  There was also an Italian Question of the Day challenge posted in the library which many students enthusiastically embraced.  A number of canteen vouchers were awarded to the winners of the competitions.  Students were also able to indulge in Italian treats from the canteen.  There were many students who attended a screening of the Italian movie, Il Re Leone during lunch time. The staff were also treated to caffè, baci and biscotti. This was an enjoyable week for staff and students and we look forward to a greater array of activities for next year.