LOTE Week, Monday 24 June – Friday 28 June

LOTE Week, Day 1 Monday 24 June

- Language Perfect World Championships award presentation and morning tea (year 7 and 8; 33 students)
- LOTE design poster competition winner, Sumeet Chand of a2
Location I Jennings Centre

- Italian card games
- Cannoli available at the Canteen, for sale at $3.20 each
Location I Jennings Centre

Language Perfect Awardees – Morning Tea – Year 7 and 8

As an opening event for LOTE week a special morning tea was held for 33 students that achieved an award for the Language Perfect World Championships for Italian held earlier in the year. All year 7s and 8s were able to participate. The boys listed below applied themselves during the competition answering an extraordinary number of questions.

A special congratulations must be given to Andrew Lou and Roger Nea who achieved the 2nd highest possible level certificate. Well done and congratulations to all boys! Keep up your efforts with language learning.

The boys will be formally acknowledged with certificates at the Term 2 assembly.

Throughout the competition questions were answered in various languages as per the table below:

















Italian Card Games 

Students had the opportunity at lunch time to learn how to play a traditional Italian card game called ‘Scopa.’ Senior students mentored many of the Junior students in how to play this fun game. Many students took up this exciting opportunity.

Students learnt some of the rules of the game, names of the suits and values of the cards. Italian cards are quite different to traditional playing cards. The suits are:

  • Coppe (cups)
  • Spade (Spades)
  • Denari (Coins)
  • Bastoni (Club)