Mannix Canteen

Recently, there has been new addition to the Mannix Campus. The long requested canteen is finally here. Year 9 boys of Salesian College Chadstone will no longer have to walk over to the Bosco Campus for food, as there is now food at Mannix available for the boys. Run by the Year 9 Class Captains and open three days a week, it gives the boys an opportunity to buy their lunch. Serving popular canteen items from the Bosco Campus such as noodles and chips, the canteen is a totally hit amongst the students. The profits of the canteen will go to upgrading the facilities at Mannix, as well as to the Salesians in Samoa. The Mannix canteen is a ‘win-win scenario’, as it is improving our resources here at Mannix, as well as helping the less fortunate.

Chris Hatzigeorgiou

The Year 9 Mannix Canteen is now in operation, serving out of the windows of the Science room. Non-perishable foods such as cup noodles and crisps will be sold at the same prices as the Bosco Canteen. The profits of the canteen will fund good causes; our missions in Samoa, as well as the maintenance of our facilities here at Mannix. Students are enjoying their new food outlet, and are pleased with the outcome. Their gustatory cells are being satiated with the availability of sweet and salty snacks throughout the term.

Vincent Lu