During 2013, we used Mathletics to assist us with our maths. Each activity that we did in Mathletics had something to do with the topic that we were learning during maths classes. Each topic was first opened by the teacher. You are able to create a custom avatar for your Mathletics profile. During an activity, if we were having trouble or if we were stuck on a question, we were able to press a button which would bring us some assistance in how to work out that question. We used Mathletics to help us with the topics of Number, Percentages, Decimals, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Mathletics is a really good website to help you with new topics or to revise topics that you have already learnt or to learn about a certain topic that you haven’t yet learnt in class. Mathletics is also a great opportunity to test your skills in maths. You can earn points by answering questions correctly and you can earn medals that signify your skills. There is a new Mathlete every week, picked from the list of students who earned more than 1000 points. Mathletics Live allows you to compete against the computer and other students from your class, school or even other countries. Once you reach a high achievement in one level, you can then do the next level. There are 10 levels in which you can compete. The more activities you complete, the more points you earn, which allows you to buy cool accessories for your avatar. There are so many great things to do on Mathletics and you will never get bored. Mathletics is one of the best websites that can help you for an upcoming test or if you just want to get better at maths.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Mathletics!

Liam Hatt, Elio Charbine and Bailey Mejia (7C)