Media Excursion

On Monday 13 February, the Year 9 Media Crew (Challenge Elective) visited SYN Radio in Melbourne’s CBD for a professional experience of creating a radio segment.

The boys listened to Josh from SYN who showed the group what a radio segment is, and how it is constructed. After listening to a few examples, the boys formed groups and came up with their own segments to record.

Topics such as “Would you rather?”, a discussion surrounding fashionable shoes, Valentines Day and the serious topic of the recent Bourke Street Mall tragedy were recorded by the boys in the RMIT Radio studios. Special mention goes to Raul Spink, the Sound Board Controller, and Christopher Hatzigeorgiou, who was the Producer responsible for introducing each segment and making sure everything ran to time.

The boys now return to their Media class with radio skills, ready to spend the rest of the Semester focussing on television broadcasting.

Miss Rachel Ivey
Media Teacher

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