Medieval Day

On Friday 3rd May we had Medieval Day. We were involved in many activities that allowed us to learn about life in medieval times. I learnt about heraldry, weapons, and crime and punishment. The first activity I completed was heraldry.

Heraldry is the coat of arms that represents a person, household, or clan. It was very important back in Medieval times because it represented who and where a person belongs. A Heraldry rule was to never put a metal on a metal or a colour on a colour.
In the next activity I learnt about weapons and armors. I learnt that before the Middle Ages they had peasants defending their own villages. They wore leather armor and their weapon was mainly an axe and a shield to protect them. In the Middle Ages they needed stronger armor so they made chainmail and chainmail was really strong and lighter than the plate armor. The armor then moved on to steel and also the weapon as time moved on.

In the crime and punishment activity I learned that peasants were never to be killed because the knight or lord that the peasant is working for will lose their money or production. If a person killed anyone they would hold a steel rod of fire and say “ in God’s name I’m innocent”. They would come back in three days and see whether the burnt mark was healed or not because that was the only way to find out if he is telling the truth.

My favorite activity was archery. Bows and arrows were used in fighting and hunting. We got to practice shooting at a target shaped like a person. I hit the body but not the head!

I really enjoyed medieval day as we got to learn but have heaps of fun as well.

Koli Ika, 8F


On Friday 3 May we had Medieval Day at Salesian College Chadstone. We got to learn about the everyday life of a medieval person’s life.

The first thing we learnt about was the Troubadours: the royalty’s entertainment. We got to try to juggle with scarfs and juggling balls, I really enjoyed this. We also watched a video about the Troubadours and the different things they did: there was a fruit lady, “freaks”, a dancer and musicians. From this I learned that there wasn’t many Troubadours as only some could master these skills.

Our next activity was Heraldry. In medieval times, heraldry was used for battles and jousting tournaments. The idea of heraldry was to create a flag or symbol so when there was a battle, the soldiers knew who was on their side. Heraldry was also used for jousting tournaments, it was used in jousting because the people watching wouldn’t know who won. Heraldry is still used in modern times for many different things such as: sports, countries and armies. We got to create our own family crest.

After Heraldry we had Crime and Punishment. We learned about all the different offenses that were considered crimes and their punishments. Some of the crimes were murder, fraud, spreading rumours and being a witch or warlock. Some of the punishments were being put in the stocks, whipped, burned, branded, and even holding a burnt piece of metal. I enjoyed this because someone got to get put into the stocks. Majority of the crimes used in the medieval times have been banned or forgotten now.

Our last activity was a jousting tournament. Some students were selected by their teachers to fight a man with armour with wooden swords. I was one of the students who was selected to fight fought with an axe and a shield. I thought this was an advantage because I got to defend myself with the shield. I found this very enjoyable but also a learning experience. By watching and fighting the man in armour, I learned that because he was experienced he remained calm and let us make mistakes so he could strike.

I really enjoyed medieval day and learned a lot about the medieval society, I also learned that a lot of the medieval objects are still existent in the modern age.

Steven Charles, 8C