Message From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2 to all in Salesian College Chadstone community. I do hope the Easter break provided plenty of quality time with loved ones. It has been quite an unusual start to the term with only two school days last week sandwiched between two public holidays. Having said that it hasn’t taken long for us to get back into full swing despite the short week. Everything has started well with students and staff working away diligently to ensure great teaching and learning is taking place. Students appear to have returned refreshed and ready to undertake the work required to guarantee their success.

Over the coming weeks, staff and students will be involved in a myriad of activities and I wish all involved in these activities all the best and hope the good weather continues for the outdoor activities. These activities enhance the work we are doing in the classroom however they do place an extra burden on all involved so the College thanks the staff who have organised these for their students and continue to give of themselves for the sake of the students in their care. I would like to make special mention of the ANZAC ceremony organised by Mrs Marshall and her Year 11 History class last Thursday. It was a wonderful gathering and the boys participated with great reverence and respect, it was very moving and a fitting way to recognise such an occasion.

Whilst reflecting on the selfless acts and courage of our war veterans I pondered the relevance to us and in particular to our student body in our contemporary world. What can we take form their contribution to the way of life we lead today. In what ways can we be selfless and contribute to our own communities. Thankfully we are not faced with having to go to war or to put our lives on the line like our war veterans and we can only pray we won’t be required to make the same commitment or sacrifices in the near future. However this should not stop us from asking ourselves in what ways can we display true courage and what are the selfless acts asked of us. With this in mind I pose the following quote as a challenge to all in the community.

“It is not by going out for a demonstration against nuclear missiles that we can bring about peace. It is with our capacity of smiling, breathing and being peace that we can make peace” Thic Nhat Hanh

Last week we had the task of finalising the list of students we are to offer a place in Year 7 for the 2015 school year. This process is one that can bring great joy, yet at the same time provide a sense of frustration and sadness. The joy comes from meeting some outstanding young men who wish to study at Salesian College Chadstone and being able to offer them a place. The frustration and sadness comes from not being able to offer all of them a place. I am confident all the boys we will offer a place will live up to our expectations and be great ambassadors for the College however I am equally confident that the boys who have missed a place will do the same for their schools given the opportunity. We wish all the boys every success and happiness where ever they are in 2015 and pray that they are aware of God’s presence in their lives through their secondary education.

I hope we all enjoy a productive and joyous second term and take pride in all that we do.

The College is expecting another busy term with a number of activities to look forward to. We hope all in the community have another productive and positive term and experience a sense of joy that comes from living a good life.

Robert Brennan