Monash All School’s Leadership Program

During week four of term two this year, three students from our school were selected by their Heads of House to participate in the Monash All School’s Leadership Program, run by MYFS (Monash Youth and Family Services). Patrick Atallah, Josh Lean, and myself (Luis Mascaro), undertook this leadership program, held at the Clayton Community Centre. Run over five days, with another 20 year ten leaders from schools across the city of Monash, this program aimed to increase our skills in confidence, leadership, effective communication and participation. The week involved various activities that overall developed key leadership skills, and involved training about verbal and non-verbal communication, how to work effectively in groups of people you have barely met, public speaking, different types of leadership styles, planning programs, the symptoms and signs of mental health issues, and how to resolve conflict.

The program culminated with a presentation evening in front of family, friends, and council staff, including the Mayor of Monash, Micaela Drieberg. Along with the presentation of certificates, the night presented the challenge to the young leaders to present everything we learnt to the audience, in a creative and interesting way. As a primary participant in the organisation of the concluding presentation, I would have to admit that the presentation could not have gone better, with equal and organised participation by all – the exact qualities which we aimed to develop over the course of the program. Everyone in their own ways benefitted from this program, and the friends that were made in the process was a bonus. I’d highly recommend this program to all future year 10 leaders who are invited to attend, and I thank the Heads of House for selecting me and my fellow leaders to attend.

Luis Mascaro (M3),Year 10 Moroney House Captain.