Monash University Big Data Challenge

On Thursday 20 April, myself and Kevin Tat participated in a challenge set out by Monash University’s business school, aimed at high achieving students. At the start of the day, we entered the main lecture hall amongst approximately 150 students from other high achieving schools to participate in a short presentation before the initiation of the day’s challenge. The ‘challenge’ part of the day was split into three different areas, which the students were also split into. These areas were Business Analytics, Econometrics and Actuarial Science. I participated in Actuarial science, which entailed creating an insurance policy based on current changes in the climate. Kevin participated in Econometrics, which involved discussing and creating a presentation which detailed and analysed pedestrian traffic data in a specific area in Melbourne. In this case, the pedestrian traffic in Melbourne Central was analysed. The presentation consisted of the possible reasons for why pedestrian traffic levels varied. Factors included the weather and day of the week. The majority of the day was spent coding the data provided into order to analyse it.
Overall, the experience concluded on a great note, as we were both part of a winning group and were presented with a Monash ‘hoodie’.

Zale Athanasius

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