Mother and Son Night

When Saint John Bosco gathered the young, the friendless and the needy into his Oratory, his passion for creating life-giving Catholic community was born. No doubt Don Bosco’s heart would have been warm if he had graced the Hall on Thursday evening with his presence.

Approximately 200 hundred mothers and sons, accepted the invitation of the College to be a part of the inaugural Mother-Son night. Facilitated by Bill Jennings, and staffed by volunteers from within our community including teachers, students and current day parents, the evening allowed conversations of the heart to take place between our boys and their mums or female mentors.

For mums it’s a chance to become more closely connected to our school, to meet other parents, to have the chance to meet other young boys starting off their journey at Salesian. For the boys, a guided conversation with the parents of other boys as well as a precious one on one conversation with their own mums gives them an insight into the heart of their mum as she launches her boy into secondary school.

Last year we began to reach out to our community with the first Father-Son night. An excellent night was shared between many fathers and their boys and we will run this again this year on September the first, the Thursday before Father’s Day.

We see this as a positive way of creating community, allowing our families to get to know each other better, feel more closely connected to their school and of course importantly, facilitate the development of the relationships between our boys and their families.

My thanks especially to our volunteer staff Scott Peacock, Anthony Barnes, Monique Capamolla, Ron Lok, Sarah Rapson, Ken Verbyla, Marianne Marshall, Craig Giles, Carolyn Ellul and Adam Croft.

Thanks to Suzie McErvale and Michelle Collins who did an outstanding job advertising the program and assisting managing the booking procedure.

Byron Chen, our Year 7 Coordinator was simply amazing with his energy for organising the event and enthuse staff and students to get involved.

Parent Volunteers were Denise Forster, Lorena Bravo, Jenny Vanderhorst, Lois Curry, Achini Kanathigoda, Pam Hodinj, and Denise Childs

Finally, our student helpers were amazing. Lachlan Magee, Peter Pamouktsis, Edward Feehan and Max Vanderhorst.

I look forward to a wonderful tradition beginning that nurtures and strengthens the community of SCC for many years into the future.

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal-Students