NextGen Deakin University Challenge

Congratulations to Dillon Caminos, Jack Robertson, Zac Gilbert, Ayden Khalil, Dean Dritas, Adam Kakkos, George Ekonomopoulos and Cristian Martinelli!

These high achieving Humanities students excelled and honourably represented Salesian College at the NextGen Deakin University Challenge.

This week long program required students to work in teams to develop a business that solved a problem in the wider community.

To prove the effectiveness of their business proposal students produced a business plan with two years financial forecasting, delivered a sales pitch, created a marketing strategy, all the while undertaking a series of smaller challenges along the way too. This enthusiastic team of young men conducted themselves admirably, displaying business based knowledge and skill, as well as an ability to manage stress and pressure whilst navigating independent learning and team based goals. Their budgeting, planning, creative thinking and public speaking skills came to the fore.

Our boys were presented with the People’s Choice Award, highlighting their solid and well considered campaign.

Many thanks to Mr. Giles, Mr. Bermingham, Mr. McAuliffe and Ms. Ellul for their hard work in making this experience possible.

Mrs Kamila Bielinski
Head of Humanities


Student Reflections –

“NextGen Deakin was a very enjoyable experience for all of us attending, as we had to create an idea for what we think would be a good business idea.

At the start of the week we thought this may be a mountain of work, that was too high to climb.

With a business plan, financial table, marketing plan, several elevator pitches we managed to utilise our public speaking skills to get through these tasks.

Through the motivation and teamwork of our group we managed to achieve what we thought was not possible.

We would like to thank several teachers which helped us out, and created an even better experience.”

- Cristian Martinelli

“Being selected for the Deakin Illuminate Project was an honour, but participating in it was an experience I will never forget. During the week the team and I went through many stages of creating a business including creating our business concept, a financial plan, marketing plan, many presentations and lectures. We were subjected to university standards of work submission and content which tested our group tremendously. Without the rest of my group and the great teamwork we had, I don’t think I would have survived. Overall, the Deakin Illuminate Project was a great experience where I learned a lot about how the business world functions, what university is like, how to start up a business and met with many people. An experience I would recommend!”

- Dillon Caminos