Opening School Mass

The 2018 school year began (as it always does) with a Whole School Mass celebrating the Feast Day of our founder, St John Bosco. This was an important event where we gave thanks for our holidays and focused on some key points for the year; including being happy and listening to one another. Father Frank and Father Cantamessa celebrated the Eucharist for us, supported by three of our dedicated servers, Raul Spink, Able Joseph and Kirk Montiero. Our celebration began with our College Captains presenting three symbols; the Cross, the College candle and a portrait of Saint John Bosco, which each created a focus for the celebration and reminded us of our Catholic and Salesian background. They were followed by all of our new Year 7 students, each of them being welcomed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and their Head of House. They received blessed College and House badges, which I am sure they will wear proudly.

Throughout the Mass, Father Frank spoke of love, kindness, happiness and making sure we all do our very best. The boys’ attentiveness during the mass, their responses and in particular the way they conducted themselves during the distribution of Communion was without a doubt, moving.

At the end of Mass, we made a quick change of setting and began our first Whole School Assembly for the year. During the assembly we made a number of presentations; Chris Pye (Director of Staff Development) introduced the new staff to the College community, Romilda Bennett (Year 12 Coordinator) announced the Year 12 Class of 2018, and Steve Loonstra (Head of ACC Sport) informed us of the Senior Sports Captains for Term 1:

Swimming: Nathan Toward


Track: Riley Collier

Field: Andrew Luak

Tennis: Tony Vu

Cricket: Liam McGain

Volleyball: Kyle Gordon

The Heads of House also took the opportunity to publically acknowledge the Year 10 and 11 House Leaders. The Leaders assisted during the Mass by leading the Year 7 procession and helping with the distribution of badges.

Annecy: Christopher Nielson and Baron Dabraio (Year 11) and Danny Ciorciari and Raul Spink (Year 10)

Collinson: Dimitri Adamopoulos and Cameron Wales (Year 11) and Jacob Curry and Eamon McKenzie (Year 10)

Moroney: Cooper McNamara and Bo De Silva (Year 11) and Adam Stone and Ryan George (Year 10)

Savio: Jeremy Angeloudas and Ashvin Adihetty (Year 11) and Rob Amendola and Eddie Feehan (Year 10)

It was a wonderful celebration of all that is Catholic and Salesian. The boys were dismissed for recess in good spirits, enjoying an icy pole as their welcome back treat!

A big thank you to all involved and well done to Ms Melina Barcellona who coordinated Mass in her new role as Liturgy Coordinator.

Mr Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission