Oz Bosco 2014

Oz Bosco 2014 in one word? Wow! What a trip, what a weekend, what an experience! Whether it was chanting out loud, or dancing unnecessarily, Oz Bosco truly made the most vulnerable of people feel comfortable.
On Friday 4 April, Salesian College Chadstone sent off 10 students, accompanied by 4 teachers to celebrate the annual Oz Bosco for 2014 in St Dominic College, Hobart Tasmania. What seemed to be a long journey ahead, the plane ride flew, and before we knew it, our bus was pulling into this monumentally large college. Anxious as to what these next few days might have in store for us, all 14 of us nervously appeared in front of this humongous crowd. However, from the moment we entered the room, you could feel a presence of joy, an existence of social justice, and a passion for change. These very qualities provided a linking factor to every single individual on that trip, and that very Friday, set the tone to what would be one of the most unimaginable weekends for everyone present.
Every day, or even every hour, constant surprises were upon us. If it wasn’t the enthralling dances in the morning, or even the spontaneous songs, it would definitely be the wisdom presented to us by daily speakers. However what proved to be highlight for many, and personally myself, was the day trip into the city of Hobart on the Saturday. Here we were separated into selected groups to explore one of the most amazing cities in Australia. From numerous market stalls, to watching boats sail across the water, Tasmania was truly a sight to behold. But the fun didn’t end there, Saturday Night proved to be one of the most memorable. The evening was set up by a major quiz, testing the knowledge of every individual, however rather than a competitive atmosphere, the theme of humour continued and everyone had a remarkable experience. Each night a reflection was undertaken in the church, so from a highly energetic mood, every single person had to switch off and end the night with complete reverence.
Sunday saw an array of workshops available for participants to sample. Everything from running a Youth Group to understanding the Salesian Family, and while it could be said there was more laughter than contemplation, messages still truly sunk in and returned to our respective lives. Sunday was the day it would all come to an end. The trip which seemed to be daunting to every single “chaddy boy” at the start of the weekend, turned out to be an unforgettable few days.
OzBosco 2014 showed to all present that a flame has been lit in Salesian Youth throughout Australia. It provided an apparent feeling of hope and potential to our Salesian spirit, and also instilled a deeper confidence among us all. That confidence will hopefully be a driving influence in everything we do since this experience, and if there is a glimmer of doubt and uncertainty, hopefully we can think back to this weekend and remember this potential, this confidence flowing through us, the very qualities that allowed us to lift ourselves up on chairs and shout, “Choose Love, Serve God”.

Dustin Fernandez, 12A1