Ozanam House

On Monday 1 May, Aidan Davitt (11A3), Martin Nguyen (11S4), Joel Nixon (11C1) and I travelled with Mr Carter to Ozanam House in North Melbourne. It was an experience like no other. We were there to feed the homeless by supplying a free meal of rice with a Malaysian beef curry along with jelly as desert in a local community centre. We discovered that these needy people aren’t as the media portray them, but are the complete opposite. Manners were exposed, courtesy was shown and just utter respect for each other was surrounding the atmosphere. It was a real pleasure to serve these people.

Sanjay Kahawatte (11S2)

Ozanam House provided a gratifying experience for Mr Carter and the Year 11 student leaders involved in serving the poor. We arrived in an unfamiliar environment, seeing the homeless gather together in a community centre. Although initially hesitant, it proved to be an enjoyable time for all. We volunteered our time to assist the homeless and provide them with a meal. Approximately 170 homeless people arrived and were given a meal courteously provided by Ozanam House in which we helped serve. The appreciation and smiles shown by the disadvantaged was extremely humbling and felt by all present. Through this experience, I personally gained a sense of appreciation for how fortunate I am. It was truly rewarding and eagerly await a return.

Aidan Davitt (11A3)