Earlier this term, our College hosted the 2013 OzBosco. Essentially, OzBosco is a gathering of Salesian youth stemming from various Salesian schools throughout Australia. Don Bosco camps members run in Dromana every winter and summer with Salesian brothers and sisters from all walks of life and backgrounds gathering in a friendly, social and comfortable environment to get a sense of Salesian spirit.

One of the highlights was the ‘Salesian Amazing Race’ activity where we were taken into the city and put into teams and had to race around the city and find clues and answer questions to arrive at a destination. This was lots of fun and would later reveal to us the destination of a party cruise. Singing performances as well as a live Goodlife DJ were present on the party cruise, topped off with loads of good food to keep us active and satisfied. Meditation sessions and group discussions combined with team building exercises were also amongst the most enjoyable.

The event was full of endless singing, dancing, and really just having a good time and being the person you are. Guest speakers and workshops regarding a whole range of interesting and entertaining facets were enjoyed by all and really helped break the ice and form some strong bonds. Participants were exposed to opportunities they can possibly partake in the future, such as that of the volunteer Calighero Project run by the Salesian missions which focuses on volunteering in a Salesian school or centre in another country.

Faith was also a key aspect of the weekend, with participants really responding to the calling to be the best individuals they can be and recognising the unique talents that each person is granted. So many links were formed that will stay an important part of our memory for a long time to come.

Catch ups have already begun with a Galatic Circus visit just last weekend. The friendships formed at OzBosco are some of the best friendships, be that with new friends or old mates.

Styron Augustus (12 M) and Sanjay Kahawatte (11S)