Parent Seminar Series 2013

How to Stay in Touch on the Adolescent Roller Coaster
Presenter I  Bill Jennings
Ages I Secondary
Date I Monday 3 June
Time I 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location I Emmaus College, Vermont South (Melway Map 62 E5)

Whether you are already living in the ‘teenage laboratory’ or you’re in the queue for the ride alongside your child on the adolescent rollercoaster, this seminar will provide:

• The opportunity to practice a skill that will help keep communication strong whether your child is an adolescent now, or will be one day
• The knowledge for each parent role: mother-son; father-son; mother-daughter and father-daughter
• Young people’s words and insights
• Key ingredients (from Bill’s research) to assist your child in a healthy transition to young adulthood
• Practical material to readily begin the practice of strengthening communication with your child.


Building Resilience in Children and Adolescents
Presenter I Chris Daicos
Ages I Primary and Secondary
Date I Wednesday 12 June
Time I 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location I Christ the King Primary School, Braybrook (Map 41 E1)

Young people in our schools today need the skills, knowledge and practice opportunities to build social relationships, to cope with difficulty and to work collaboratively. Resilient children are socially competent, can solve problems, have a sense of autonomy and independence, and a sense of purpose and future. As a consequence, these children have an increased capacity to learn. This seminar will:

• Provide an overview of the recent research in the area of resilience
• Examine the profile of the resilient child and the protective factors that enhance these qualities
• Provide an opportunity to identify and associate current work/parenting with protective factors
• Explore ways of increasing and maximising these protective factors for children and adolescents.