Parents’ Association News

Parents’ Association News

Samoan Visit

The Parents’ Association is providing a meal on the evening of Monday 29 August for the upcoming Samoan visit. The Samoan kids are scheduled to eat at about 7pm so we are looking for people who can bring a hot meal in a foil tray (32.5cm x 26cm) to the school any time from 6pm.  If you are able to make a lasagne, tuna bake, macaroni and cheese, or shepherd’s pie, please email Chris at or call Chris on 0417 366 482. We will have some trays at our next meeting if you would like to pick one up from there.

Father’s Day Breakfast & Mass – Friday 2nd September

The College is looking forward to celebrating Father’s day with a Mass and Breakfast on Friday 2nd September.   The Parents Association would like volunteers to help set up and prepare breakfast items.  If you are able to help from approximately 6:30am please email

Committee Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the Salesian Parents’ Association has been changed.  It will now be held on Tuesday 16th August.  This change is due to a clash with the Samoan Concert on August 30 (and Report Night on 23 August).  We will be meeting at the usual time and place (7:30pm in the boardroom) and the main items for discussion will be the Samoan visit and the Father’s Day Breakfast.  Anyone interested in assisting with either of these events is warmly invited to attend.   For further information, please contact Chris on ccahill70@hotmail.comor 0417 366 482

Committee News

Thank you to Rajeeva Perera who has offered to be the PA’s treasurer.

Parents Association Committee

President | Chris Cahill

Vice President | Lois Curry

Secretary | Gerry Patterson