Parents’ Association News

Thank you for helping at the Year 7 Social Evening

Thanks to the parents who came along and prepared food, set up and cleaned up at the Year 7 Social Evening.  It was a great evening and all the Year 7 parents mingled, chatted and enjoyed the food and drinks supplied.  Congratulations Byron,  a great time was had by all.

Our Next Meeting is on 10 March at 7:00pm – We will meet in the College Foyer

PA Fundraising Levy Update

Update on the PA Voluntary Levy.  A notice will be sent to all parents shortly.
You will all by now have received information from Principal Robert Brennan regarding the $30.00 amount in lieu of fundraising.
The College has endorsed a recommendation from the Salesian College Parents’ Association to introduce a fundraising levy of $30.00, replacing a number of fundraising events and initiatives normally held over the year. In the past these have included the $20.00 Raffle fee, Annual Chocolate Drive, Trivia Night, amongst others. The change has been initiated to streamline fundraising for all families and to reduce the workload on the small number of parents actively involved on the Parents Association Committee, allowing them to focus on the community aspect of their role.

Parent Association Meetings

Tuesday 10 March 2015         7:00PM    Planning Mothers Day Mass and Breakfast
Tuesday 21 April 2015            7:00PM    Planning Mothers Day Mass and Breakfast
Tuesday 9 June 2015              7:00PM
Tuesday 28 July 2015             7:00PM
Tuesday 1 September 2015    7:00PM    AGM
Tuesday 6 October 2015         7:00PM
End of Year Celebration          TBA