Parent Access Module (PAM)

Salesian College’s Parent Access Module (PAM) provides parents and guardians with quick, easy and confidential access to their son’s academic program, results timetable as well as attendance and punctuality records. One of the exciting features of PAM is that, a week or two after your son has completed an assessment task, you can log on to check the result posted by his teacher. It is possible to peruse upcoming assessments, to see what classes your son has tomorrow and to see if and when he is late to school or class. In the near future, you will also be able to track homework tasks and other minor work requirements. In short, PAM promises to make available current and important information so that parents and guardians will be able to work in genuine partnership with our teaching staff.

To access a quick guide on how to use PAM, click HERE.

Parent Teacher Interviews

See how to make a booking for Parent Teacher Interviews, HERE.
Access the Parent Teacher Interview Guide HERE.

Important Information Regarding Unit 3 / 4 S.A.C. Results

It is vitally important that parents/guardians and their sons understand that the numerical scores attained for School Assessed Coursework are school based assessments only and may change following moderation by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority after the end of year examinations and General Achievement Test (G.A.T.) results are generated. Please note that, at this stage, they are indicative scores only. Finalised assessment of School Assessed Tasks, Semester Two School Assessed Coursework and end of year examinations will be reported by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority at the end of the year.

To access PAM, click on the following link