Communication and Reporting

Ongoing communication with all students and parents/guardians is essential for the successful achievement of learning outcomes as well as the social development of each student. Immediate classroom responses to students, the continuing communication between parents/guardians, teachers and students via telephone or the College Study Planner, and the written reports on student achievement all focus on this purpose.

Formal opportunities for communication and reporting include:

Information Nights

Information Nights for each year level at the beginning of the school year are a vital opportunity for all parents/guardians and their sons to gain information regarding the College’s aims, expectations and programmes.


Formal reporting occurs frequently throughout the year. In all instances, reporting reinforces what has been achieved and focuses on the ways in which learning can be further improved.

A full copy of the Assessment & reporting Policy can be viewed here.

Parent Teacher On-line

Appointments for parent teacher Interviews can be made via the link to PTO at the appropiate time.  Full details will be provided.

Future Innovations

The College is moving towards providing parents and students with up to date on-line reporting via the new College Intranet. Details to follow.