Pathways Meetings

This week a number of boys from Year 9 – 11 and their parents have been involved in our annual Pathways meetings which were held in the Jennings Centre. During these meetings, which are chaired by the boy’s Head of House or Year 9 Coordinator, each boy’s Semester 1 results were reviewed and a variety of options explored to assist in the beginning of the important process of mapping out an appropriate and potentially fruitful pathway in both Semester 2 and for 2015 and beyond. Boys completed a Student Reflection Form which allowed for student, parent and teacher input into this process. The College Pathways Co-ordinator, Mr Kim Beurs, was also available to join the discussion and to provide information about possible future education and employment options after secondary education. The College is committed to ensure that all boys achieve their best possible educational outcomes for their future and this Pathways process is an important part of ensuring that this commitment is brought to fruition.

John Visentin
Deputy Principal – Pastoral