Pathways Program 2014 Term 1 Reflection

Subjects in the Pathways Program are much easier to understand, content is very similar to what we would normally learn, but Pathways is designed to move at a slower pace. Classes are much smaller compared to the usual class sizes, so we are able to ask the teacher more questions if we require. The slower pace helps most of us learn better and we can have more discussions about the topic, which gives us more information on what we are learning. Religion in the Pathways Program is a subject we all really enjoy – it’s also due to the teacher making it much easier for us to understand. I am really enjoying Humanities in Pathways, it is my favourite subject especially when we learn about History (such as WWII). Being in this program does not limit our choices; we can still learn things to get us into Year 11 VCE. We do more activities in this program which is a lot more fun for us. The Maths we are learning is practical and will help us in daily life. We are still able to do our electives such as Italian or Art and attending TAFE is a great experience!

Charles Galluccio, 10S4

In Systems and Technology we have made a door alarm using a circuit board kit. We have also learnt about restrictors and their colour codes.

Josef Indovino, 10A1

TAFE is great! I am currently in the Building and Construction course, which is great as we build a lot of things from sheet metal and there is plenty of welding.

Charlie Maglio, 10M5

This is a program that is more ‘hands on’ as we work at a nice pace (rather than just writing notes all the time!). We engage in activities which still help us with our learning, but a fun way. In Year 9 I didn’t really like Maths, English or Humanities but now in the Pathways Program I find it a lot easier and we work at a better pace suited for my learning.

Kevin O’Malley, 10M2

The way we learn in class is very united, which is a much better way for me to learn. The classes are really enjoyable! I find I learn more in the Pathways Class than I ever have before.

Leftere Nikitas, 10S1

We are planning to enter a solar boats competition and build solar boats later on in the year. As an excursion, went to the Grand Prix the other day, which was awesome!

Samuel Kee, 10C3

At the moment in Maths we are doing Simple Interest. I am enjoying learning about Simple Interest so that we can apply it in the future. I’m finding it much easier to learn because I’m actually interested in what we are learning about.

Bruno Scalise, 10M2

In Science we did one prac to see how far a car would travel after braking at various speeds per hour, I found this very interesting!

Luc Crugnale, 10C2