Pathways Programs

With the Subject Selection process in mind, the following Salesian College Pathway initiatives are delivered to our Year 9 and 10 boys in Semester 1. The purpose of these initiatives are to assist our boys to begin to make choices about what they want to when they leave school and how they are going to there. These initiatives include:

Year 10 Futures Week

During the final weeks of term one (Friday 18 March – Thursday 24 March 2016), all Year 10 students participated in Futures Week. The theme of the week was YOUR FUTURE. All the boys participated in a range of activities designed to give them the best preparation possible for making future career decisions. These included: vocational interest questionnaires, presentations from Tertiary Institutions, people in industry and past pupils, all giving the boys insight into possible career choices. A comprehensive explanation of all the 2017 options they have, including choosing VCE or VCAL, was also presented to them. The boys also received an individual course advising session. These individual sessions assisted them in navigating the information and options presented throughout the week into a more individual plan factoring in prerequisite subjects for future studies at the tertiary level.As part of this week, we also thought it important that the boys were given information on correct Interview techniques, Resume writing and were given the opportunity to participate in a Mock Interview. We also welcomed Start Smart to deliver their financial education workshops. The aim was to equipped our Year 10s with the confidence and competence they need to make smart decisions about money.

“At the start of the week I had no idea about what I was going to do. Now I have something to look to.” Max 10C

“Futures week was extremely useful as without it trying to figure out what pathway to take would have been very difficult.” Luca 10A

“Before the week I was unsure of my options in terms of subject selection and future career. However no I am aware and interested in investigating my career options.” Kris 10A

“The Saving, Spending and Earning workshops gave me great insight into what to do with money” Hugo 10D

“….Also valuable was the past pupil presentations, VIQ test, VCE/VCAL seminar as it informed us of all the careers paths we can go down” Athan G 10D

“The mock interviews and the interview skills seminar were most engaging” Uvindu 10D

Year 9 Futures Day

On Thursday 21 April, the Year 9 students participated in a Futures Day. The purpose of this day was to encourage the boys to start thinking about the choices they will need to make in terms subject selections for not only Year 10, but also looking ahead to Year 11 and 12 (VCE and VCAL). They boys were given information about Year 10 subjects, core and elective, the PreCal program and also given information about the possibility of studying a VCE subject in 2017. The Heads of Department also gave the boys an insight into the different subjects and pathways they will need to take to study various subject in VCE. The Year 9 students also had a session in Resume writing and undertook the WIRL – a career online interest inventory designed to give students information about where their future care interests might be.

Thank you to all the Year 9 and 10 Oratory Leaders, course advisors, Heads of Department, presenters and volunteers from the Community for assisting and supporting the Year 10 Futures Week and Year 9 Futures Day in 2016.

Furture's Week