Peer Relations Survey

In the last week, all boys in the College participated in a lesson on understanding what bullying is. This included a class discussion, video input about taking a stand and not standing by when others are bullied, as well as completing the Peer Relations Survey.

The Peer Relations Survey attempts to discover the lived experience of the boys here at school, on the buses and around our grounds. We are keen to identify and track concerning behaviours as well as speak to boys who are experiencing bullying and of course those who have been identified as participating in bullying behaviour. Data from this survey will be examined in the context of this year but also compared to data collected in previous years to help us identify any trends that may appear.

Our goal is to educate our community about the issues associated with bullying and work towards building a more accepting and inclusive community as demonstrated by our founder St John Bosco.

We are always keen to know if our boys are experiencing harassment at school, on the buses or anywhere else and will act to ensure such behaviours cease as soon as possible. Parents are encouraged to contact the son’s Oratory Leader or their Year Level Coordinator if they have any such concerns.

May I wish you all a happy and Holy Easter season.

Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal-Students