Performing Arts News

As Semester One draws to a close the Performing Arts Department have been very busy, both inside and outside of the curriculum.

Year 9 Drama students have performed for and entertained Primary School audiences at the Mannix Campus. A great opportunity for students to be assessed in front of a real audience. The Semester One Year 10 Drama class also presented an evening of riveting theatre in the College Hall.
Titled ‘Victims of War’, the work contained excerpts from assorted plays dealing with the horrors of warfare with four of the selected scenes from one play, The Investigation, that concerned Nazi war crimes trials in 1946. The students all did a great job in portraying the horrors of war in general and Auschwitz-Birkenau in particular. As if that wasn’t enough the following evening, Wednesday 27 May, was our annual Autumn Concert.

The Autumn Concert is a chance for us to celebrate the musical diversity of our four College Bands as well as some smaller ensembles. Another important part of the evening is that our Year 7 students, who have only been learning a musical instrument for four months, perform as a massed band. The Year 7s surrounding the audience and performing Stadium Rock was a highlight of the night. Congratulations to Ms Xuereb and Mr Wise for getting the boys to perform with such confidence.

A massive thank you to our Instrumental Music Staff: Mr Daimon Brunton, Ms Emma Hallett, Mr Lawson Lennard, Mrs Katherine Lewis, Mr David Neville, Mr Michael Shepherdson and Mr Brendan Toohey who were all in attendance to offer support and also answer any queries from parents.
Finally, a huge thank you to Mr Byron Chen, Year 7 Co-ordinator, and the Year 7 Oratory & subject teachers for supporting their boys. Still images, video and audio are on the college website.

Mr Adam Croft
Head of Performance