Performing Arts News

2016 has already proven to be a busy year: bands are busy rehearsing on Tuesday after school (Seussical), Wednesdays before school (College Stage Band) and On Thursdays before school (College Concery Band). Our actors are busy working on Seussical twice a week and smaller musical ensembles – percussion, guitar, vocal – are also practicing on a regular basis.

Music Camp in Term 1 started the year off strongly. It is essential that this camp does take place at the start of the school year as it sets the tone and expectations for the school year ahead. With our Bands only rehearsing for one or two hours once a week it is vital to get some long sessions of work in early; especially as some students may not have played a lot on their instrument over the summer break.

A wonderful addition to the College building program is the addition of the Brother Bill Edwards Auditorium, a specially constructed theatrette for the teaching of Classroom Drama. Drama has not had its own home at the school before so it is a superb opportunity for students to work in a state-of-the-art performance space.

May 16 sees our Autumn Concert and a great opportunity to see our College Ensembles and our Year 7s perform in public. The evening commences at 7pm and requires a Gold Coin Donation. Our Year 9 Drama students also perform, that week for the Grade 5/6 students of Oakleigh primary School; which is our first real chance to showcase the Theatrette to an external audience.

Our busy students will have to work even harder this term, as the weather gets colder and exams approach and it is a credit to their persistence and endeavour that all our rehearsals continue on a regular basis.

So, put May 16 in your diary and don’t forget to keep on checking the Drum Theatre website for Seussical tickets.


Mr Adam Croft
Head of Performance