Prayer – The Living God

I am God of the living.

I am in the moment of human conception.

I live in the first cry of a baby’s entry into the world.

I am in the last breath of a dying person.

I live amongst the poor, but am rarely recognised.

I hunger and feel pain as I sit with my people.

I live with them in the slums.

I am in the stooped over, elderly person who works hard to survive.

I am in the poorly paid worker who is exploited over and over again.

I sleep under bridges and in unsafe places.

• I shiver in the cold.

• I am hungry.

• I am in prison.

• I am the oppressed.

• I am the ill.

• I am the voiceless.

I am the living God.

I have My Being in all of Creation.

“Have you met me yet?” inquires God.

“For I am the God who stands in solidarity with the poor, with the dispossessed, with the marginalised, with the alienated….”