Principal’s Message – 1 March 2013

As we complete Week Five it’s nice to get a bit of rain and some relief from the heat. Even though it disrupted our plans for the athletics carnival, I’m sure everybody enjoyed a break from what appeared to be a never ending run of warm weather. With the cooler weather I hope everyone is feeling a little more energetic and ready to power through the second half of the term. We are now deep into the first term and students should now be in very good routines. They should be working hard to give themselves the best possible start to the year they can. Our senior students will notice an escalation in the number of outcomes they will need to complete in the coming weeks. I encourage them to organise themselves and remain positive and focused through this period to enhance their chances of academic success.

Success is an interesting concept, for what is success to one person may not necessarily be success for someone else. One thing is certain; that for each of us success comes when we achieve a sense of attainment or accomplishment in something that we do that is important to us. I would argue that education should be important to us all, it is through education that we become better people and we open up opportunities for growth. This leads us to the conundrum “What is the secret to success?” Some very famous and successful people have also reflected on this question.

Roald Dahl said he believed the golden rule was not inspiration but hard work, making the most of what you had. He gave as an example the great composer Stravinsky’s reply when an interviewer asked him: “Maestro, where do you get your inspiration? Walking the woods, in the bath, while shaving?” Stravinsky answered, “At the piano.”

Gary Player, the great golfer, was once asked what part luck played in his success. He replied: “What I have noticed is the more I practise, the luckier I get.”

In each of these examples the common theme is hard work, using your gifts and talents and gaining inspiration from within. I hope our students are all able to draw inspiration from within, use their gifts and talents and complete the necessary hard work to be “lucky” in their studies this year.

ACC Swimming

Last Friday evening the College swimming team competed in the ACC swimming carnival at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. It was a very successful event bringing together hundreds of very talented swimmers from all the ACC schools. Our boys were excellent both in and out of the water. The team finished a comfortable second in Division Two aggregate with a number of the boys shining on the night. Our Intermediate boys were outstanding taking out their section with the junior and senior boys finishing second. We were pipped overall by the newly relegated Parade College who had greater strength across all sections. We are very proud of the way the boys behaved on the night and the support they showed each other throughout the evening. We were also very impressed with the number of our parents in attendance supporting their sons and the school. I believe the swimming team experienced success regardless of the fact that they finished second on the night. Congratulations to all involved especially to Mr Radley and Mr Egan for bringing the team together.

Have a great week and God bless.

Robert Brennan