Principal’s Message – 8 March 2013

We come to the end of week six of the 2013 school year and it appears summer is never going to end. We can only hope that the cool change comes in sooner rather than later and stays with us for a little while. At this time it appears we are in a time of great change both here in Australia and around the world with the Pope resigning and now the Premier of Victoria following. It is in times of change that we all get a chance to reflect on the contributions people make to our lives and what we will remember them for. It is also a time where we tend to want to hold onto what we know and what makes us feel comfortable.

The Catholic community the world over awaits in expectation and prayer as the cardinals gather to select our new Pope. There is much excitement and anticipation about the possibilities a new Pope brings. We pray that the Holy Spirit will fill the hearts of the cardinals and give them wisdom in making their choice. It is a challenging time for the Catholic Church and it is everyone’s fond hope that the man chosen will be able to provide great leadership and guidance as he deals with the weakness and fragility of the Church. We must remember that our Church is a great Church and its reputation should not be condemned on the actions of a few individuals who are but a small part of the church. We must celebrate the beautiful rituals, the rich traditions and the commitment to social justice the Catholic Church brings to our world. Our Church can provide guidance and direction for our journey of spirituality and faith that will ultimately give us a chance to find real truth and meaning in our lives. We pray that we will soon have our next Pope to lead us on this journey.

Salesian Immersion

Last Friday I travelled to Salesian College Sunbury with five of our staff to join in the Australian and Pacific Salesian Principals Association (APSPA) Immersion experience. This program is part of the Salesian leadership formation provided by the APSPA group to ensure the spirit of Don Bosco is alive and well in our schools. We gathered with the network of leaders from Salesian schools around Australia who share our hopes and aspirations. We heard about the great works of St John Bosco and the Salesian order and reflected on how we continue that tradition today in our schools. We visited a couple of Salesian institutions, immersed ourselves in the story and came away with a renewed sense of purpose of the work we do on a daily basis. The day finished with the celebration of the Eucharist with the Salesian Community at Ascot Vale and dinner where we were able to reflect on the day. It was a wonderful day.

Athletics Carnival

On Monday of this week we finally got the chance to hold the annual athletics carnival. Weather wise we went from one extreme to the other, last week we were awash in all the rain – this week our major concern was the heat. The boys made their way to Nunawading Athletics track for the Athletics Carnival. It was a very warm, sunny day, with the temperature hovering in the mid-thirties throughout the day. The boys entered into the spirit of the day and competed enthusiastically. There were a number of standout athletes showcasing the vast talent we have here at Salesian College. Our congratulations to all involved with a special thanks to Mr Craig Radley, Mr Carl Egan and all those who assisted with the organisation and running of a very successful carnival.

Year 7 Parent Social Evening

Last night I had the great pleasure of spending time with many of our Year 7 parents in a social setting. They joined us to spend some time with their son’s Homeroom Mentor before gathering in the hall for some light refreshments and a cool drink. It was wonderful to hear so many of our new parents commenting on how much their son is enjoying their time at the College and how impressed they are with their teachers. I was gladdened by the number of people who came out on such a warm night, taking time out of their busy schedules to be part of this amazing community. Throughout the evening we were entertained by Year 10 members of the College bands, who did a wonderful job. I would like to thank Ms Phina Tran and the Year 7 Homeroom Mentors for looking after our parents, Mrs Mary Menz and Ms Suzie McErvale for their assistance in bringing the night together and Mr Adam Croft for his work with the boys in the music program and obviously the musicians themselves for giving up their time. I would also like to thank the mums and dads of the Parent’s Association for their hospitality with the provision of the food, drink and service. Last night’s gathering was one of those special times where you are reminded of the great community to which we belong.

Have a joy filled week and may God bless.

Robert Brennan