Principal’s Message – Newsletter 20 November

This week marks the last week of senior exams which signals that we are getting very close to the end of the year and all the craziness that comes with it. The last of the Year 12 exams for our boys is on Wednesday with all boys appearing to be happy with their efforts and very relieved that it is all over. We are often told that as one thing comes to an end another one begins. This is never truer than the when we move from our last year of schooling, to the first year of independence. It is interesting that as the class of 2013 complete their final exam, the class of 2014 are entering into their first week of their Year 12 studies. We hope they too can enjoy wonderful experiences, similar to this year’s group.

The end of this term will also see Year 10 and 11 students enter into the final two weeks of the year before taking a well-earned break for Christmas and the Years 7 -9 following the week later. In the midst of all of this the staff will be feverously correcting papers and completing reports to finish off the year.

Never underestimate your potential

One of the things we hear repeatedly in many facets of life is the term potential or potentially. It is a term that whilst it has a complimentary element I believe it can also come with a great burden. Individually or as a cohort we all have talents and potential. Some people or groups adopt the attitude that they are unable to do the things they dream of, whilst others take what they have and use their potential to achieve great things.

Jesus tells the parable of the three servants who are each given talents. Two of the slaves use their talents to gain further talents, sadly, however the slave that was given the least talents stores his under bushel ultimately upsetting his master. The Moral of the parable is that the talents we are given are to be used and developed no matter how many or the strength of those talents.

Whilst we are not all given equal talents, some individuals might be better at maths, or science, be able to play sport to a level better than most or paint a picture we all wish we could. We have to remind ourselves that we are each given talents that make us truly unique and truly wonderful and it is incumbent on us all to use the talents we are given to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, some of us will never live up to our potential. We will use the excuse that it is no use, I am no good at this, that and the other thing, giving ourselves permission to meander through life never really achieving anything of note and never getting close to our potential. Worse still there will be others who will sit back and rest on the laurels of being quite talented but never working hard enough to make the most of the talents we are given.

To reflect on this thought and apply it to things we have to do in life, I suggest we should live by the motto “if I have to do something I may as well do it well”. Along this line, we all have to show up at school or work, so as long as you have to be here, why not give it your all? Why not give it the best you can?

So as we come to the end of the year I encourage all in the community, especially our boys who have just started their final year, to reflect on the year that you have had and plan for the year ahead to ensure you live up to your potential. Don’t overlook the opportunity to achieve something. Don’t be fearful, don’t hold back. Give it all you’ve got because this moment may never come again and who knows what you could achieve? Give yourself the chance to reach your own potential. Alice Crowe suggests that ‘10% is what life brings to you. 90% is what you do about it.’ With this in mind I will use the famous slogan of Nike “just do it”.

God Bless.

Robert Brennan