Principal’s Message – Newsletter 25 October

Week 3 of Term four has been a great week for the College, a week that is always highly anticipated but also a week that has the potential to go off the rails for so many reasons. We were able to bid farewell to a wonderful group of young men in a fitting way at the College Valedictory assembly on Wednesday. The assembly was one of the finest I have witnessed in my career and a great credit to the boys. The highlight of the gathering was the Valedictory speech given by our College Captain Styron Augustus which left very few dry eyes in the auditorium. It was also marvelous to recognise the Year 12 students who had achieved the highest internal score for their subject. We have been blessed with this year’s Year 12 students who brought a sense of joy and fun to everything they did. Their loyalty to themselves and to the College is something I will remember for a long time. It is always an emotional week with the excitement of students finishing their last class, the nervous tension that comes with looking in to a future no longer supported by the Salesian College community, and the anxiety that comes with the realization that exams are finally upon us. The Class of 2013 leaves having made a unique and wonderful contribution to the history of Salesian College Chadstone.

As the class of 2013 leaves, we ask God’s blessing on them and that he keeps them safe as they head into exams and into a time of great celebration. We hope the Year 12 students leave with fond memories of their time at Salesian College and in the knowledge that they have been given the opportunity to acquire skills and experiences that will serve them well in their lives beyond the College and more important than this, is that they leave knowing that they are loved. As I said to the boys yesterday “I hope you leave knowing that you are loved for no better reason than you are the person you are. I implore you to continue to dream, dreams that go beyond that of the teenage students that I have become so fond over the past two years I have shared with you; embrace life with fervour, experience everything this magnificent world has to offer. And remember; never forget your roots; find inspiration in everything you encounter; and live life to the full. (For those interested, access a full copy of my presentation here).

We gather again this Friday evening with the Year 12 boys and their parents to celebrate the Eucharist for the final time together, to pray, to reflect and to give thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us this year. As a community we give thanks for many things including the educational environment in which we operate, for our staff and the many talents they bring to our community but the greatest of these blessings is the students entrusted into our care with all their gifts and talents as well as their quirks. In particular we give thanks for the Class of 2013 for all that they have done, for all they have achieved, and most importantly, for all that they are. Our Valedictory mass is a time to recognise and give thanks to these students who will leave our care to pursue the next stage in their lives. We congratulate them on their efforts thus far and we wish them all the best in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the preparation of all this week’s celebrations, in particular our Valedictory Assembly, the Year 12 Mass and the Mass and Valedictory Dinner.

The end of classes doesn’t mean the end of hard work. We encourage the boys to keep their celebrations low key until after the exams as there is still much work to be done. For the vast majority of subjects there is still 50% of the marks up for grabs. We encourage them to use their time wisely to ensure the best preparation possible.

With one class finishing, another begins, so as part of the transition we have appointments of the College leaders for the coming year. On Wednesday this week (after an exhaustive interview process), the Leaders for 2014 were named and presented to the College. I would like to congratulate all students who nominated for these positions, as it takes a lot of courage to put yourself forward and take a risk. I would like to congratulate the following boys on their appointment to positions of leadership.

College Captain Michael Olivetti

College Vice Captains Aidan Davitt and Robert D’Leema

I say well done and wish them all the best for the coming year. I am sure they will lead the College with great distinction and I wish them all the best. I implore you to remember that the model of leadership we should all aspire to is the one modeled by Jesus Christ, leadership centered on service.

Have a good week and may God bless!

Robert Brennan