Project Compassion Fundraising

It is my pleasure to announce that fundraising for Project Compassion has leapt to new heights at Salesian College Chadstone!

We firstly raised $850.50 at the House Swimming Carnival with great assistance from our Faith Mission Ambassador, Jeremiah Nichols and our Social Justice Captain, Dohwon Kim who organised and led the Social justice group. However, they didn’t rest there…

As boys were running around the track at the House Athletics Carnival, Jeremiah Nichols and Dohwon Kim once again took charge and assisted the Social Justice Group raising an unprecedented amount of $837.30! Boys worked diligently all day in the canteen ensuring boys remained hydrated and kept vital calorie levels up to ensure they could make it around the track. Congratulations boys – what a tremendous effort!

Then there was Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Tuesday)…

Traditionally at Salesian College, student leaders have prepared, cooked, flipped and sold pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. This year, we did it in style…pancakes with choc chips, M&Ms, lemon and sugar, ice-cream and maple syrup! Each House sold pancakes to continue raising money for Project Compassion in their own unique style.

Shrove Tuesday 2014 also set a new Salesian record raising $714.50!!!

And now for the all-important House results….

Collinson $138.30






Annecy $159.00

 Savio $196.70


 Moroney $220.50

Can we continue this extreme fundraising effort? Yes we can!

Total to date: $2,402.30

Thank you and Congratulations to everyone. Watch this space for more exciting news about project Compassion…

Nadia Knight
Director of Religious Education