Reading Activities Update

There has been growing enthusiasm to meet the Premier’s Reading Challenge by many boys in years 7 and 8. The momentum has seen an increase in borrowing fiction from all the classes that come through the Rua Resource Centre with their teachers and, together with the Teacher Librarians, the boys are choosing from the many new and engaging titles on offer for all reading interests.

The Rua Reader’s Club met on Wednesday 22 May with great enthusiasm for the pre-publication teenage fiction books that were on offer to be reviewed for SpineOut magazine. Spinout is an online literature and art review magazine by teenagers for teenagers. Our literary reviewers this time around are Nathan Ng, Wilson Dixon, Leighton Ward and Josh Cayetano. Look out for their forthcoming reviews in the August edition! SpineOut magazine is available to students at

Also special congratulations to Josh Cayetano for the SpineOut book review he had published 2012, which has also now appeared in Good Reading Magazine (copies available in the library). Well done Josh.

Here is Josh’s review: The Maximus Black files: Dyson’s Drop

“What the action based book is about is in the sci-fi future teenager called Maximus Black who works within an agency known as RIM (Regis, Imperium Mantatis) which keeps the galaxy in balance (like Star Wars). Maximus on the other hand wants the opposite, revenge against the galaxy (OMG). This is the second book in the fresh series and things heat up to find the second set of coordinates to find the powerful robots.
What I have noticed in the book is that it uses strong language. Though the book is about Maximus it also revolves around Anneke Longshadow as well. The story takes a look at each character’s perspective in the campaign, e.g. chapter 1 is about Maximus and chapter 2 is about Anneke. Also it brings a fresh set of new characters. My recommendations is that this book should be read by students older than Year 7, as there is some content that can be considered violent”.

Josh Cayetano, 8G