Reconciliation Services

20 March – 25 March

In preparation for the most important event in the Christian Calendar, which is the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, all of our boys will have the opportunity to attend Reconciliation Services including receiving the individual Sacrament of Reconciliation in Week 7 and 8. Students from Year 7-12 will be prepared for this occasion during RE classes.
Please note the following schedule for Reconciliation: You are welcome to attend any of the services and to receive reconciliation.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission

Year Level Date Time
12 24 March 11:07am-11:47am
11 23 March 10:05am-10:45am
9 25 March 8:45am-9:25am
8 24 March 10:05am-10:45am
7 20 March 12:27pm-1:07pm