Recount of Camp

On Monday 11 February, the Year 7 students of Salesian College arrived at school, to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity of going to Camp Rumbug.

The journey started on the long bus ride which unfortunately took nearly 3 hours! It was the most boring bus ride of my life, however it was also a great time for us to make new friends.

Once we arrived at the camp site and got settled into our new cabins, the amount of excitement in the air was overwhelming! With a bunch of awesome activities to look forward to, most of us just simply couldn’t wait. Personally, I was most excited for the Scare Bear, or otherwise called The Giant Swing!

After a great day of activities I was ready for the next, because I was going to do The Giant Swing. Soon enough it was my turn to go on the Giant Swing! After I was all buckled up I made my way to the top of the giant swing. It was so high up, I even felt faintish! Before I knew it, the whole crowd underneath my feet were chanting out “3, 2, 1”!

Suddenly the instructor pulled on the release rope and I went flying through the air to what I thought was my death, but in reality to the other side. Still with butterflies in my stomach I went to each side over and over again until I finally, stopped.

Camp Rumbug was by far the best camp I’ve ever been on. The experiences I’ve had and the friends that I made was well worth it. I hope I can go back for a visit in the future.

Kaveesha Perera, 7B