Replacement Teachers

Term Three sees a number of members of staff either conclude their time at Salesian College, or, take extended leave.  Details of these particular staff members and their replacements appear below.

We farewell Mrs Jane Beams and thank her for her contribution as she leaves us to take up a part-time position at Carey Grammar.  In turn, we welcome Mr Lachlan Dwyer who will take up her role.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with Mr Peter Moore who is on extended sick leave.  Mr Peter Kercherer will continue to take Mr Moore’s classes in Term Three.

Miss Rozanne Misso, Mr Ray Sestito and Mrs Joyce Sendeckyj will be enjoying their well-deserved long service leave throughout the coming term.  Their replacements are, respectively, Mrs Rosa Salemme, Ms Julia Giorgiou and Ms Dani Francis.  Rosa, Julia and Dani are all very familiar with the College.  Mr Ken Verbyla will be taking long service leave for the last seven weeks of term.  Mr Edgar Bonne, another very experienced practitioner, will take Mr Verbyla’s classes.  Meanwhile, Ms Paula Hanley will be on family leave in Ireland for the first six weeks of term.  Mr Thomas will be taking Miss Hanley’s Year 12 classes, Mr Beurs will take the Year 11 classes whilst Mr Martin O’Malley has been engaged to take Ms Hanley’s Year 10 classes.  Finally, Mr Ian McKail will take two weeks of long service leave at the beginning of term and will be replaced by Ms Sarah Martin.

We wish every blessing upon those members of staff who are taking leave in Term Three and warmly welcome their replacements.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal