Richmond Player Visit

On Tuesday 12 March, Alex Rance and Ben Darrou from Richmond Football Club took time out of their busy schedule to come and talk to our Year 8 – 10 football teams. The players opened with their stories on how they started their junior careers and how this escalated to becoming an AFL player. Alex Rance explained how he was originally from Western Australia and that he wasn’t really a star as a junior, but his persistence and determination abled him to gain muscle and fill out his thin physique which in turn, assisted him with his confidence in striving to be a star. Ben Darrou’s story was of a similar nature, as he wanted to be a tennis player as a younger boy, but didn’t believe that he had the skills to be a professional football player. He persisted however, given his friends at school all played football – which saw him later progress to the AFL level. Alex and Ben then spoke to the boys about the importance of leadership and their roles in their club, encouraging the students to be leaders in their teams, regardless of skill and confidence. Alex and Ben proceeded to talk about their training schedules and how they achieved a work-life balance. The players provided students with tips and guidelines on training as well as healthy eating, encouraging the boys to practice their skills at every chance. The students posed some great questions to close, relating to the upcoming season as well as current AFL issues.
Thanks to Craig Radley for organising the visit from the Richmond players.

Stuart Anderson
AFL Trainee Sport