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Reading Matters Conference 2015

On Thursday 28 May 2015, members of the Rua Readers’ Book Club represented Salesian College at The Reading Matters Conference, held at the State Library of Victoria’s Centre for Youth Literature.  The students that attended had expressed an interest to meet new authors and illustrators discussing storytelling trends and new ideas in youth literature, some were lucky enough to get their books signed! Thanks to Mr McGarry for his interest and assistance on the day!


I liked Sally Gardner because she had a great sense of humour when she spoke about her dyslexia when she was young. Words like ‘cat’ would be all mixed up because her brain couldn’t read it like other people. I though Sally Gardner was cool because she became and author when she learnt to write after she was 14.
Year 7

I had a chance to meet new authors and I thought it was interesting how they got their inspiration. I liked Sean Williams who wrote ‘Jump’ and ‘Crash’ because he talked about time travel and explosions in space.
Year 8

Abe Nouk was really funny and although he did not have much education he ended up being a writer and a champion Slam Poet. I liked Sally Gardner who was persistent to overcome dyslexia and become a writer. Sally Gardner had a great sense of humour as she told us stories of her childhood when she could not read or write.
Year 8

Going to the reading matters conference was an enjoyable journey. There are so many different stories of how the authors actually became authors. Overall going to the Reading Matters conference was fun and the other students that didn’t go should give it a try.
Year 7

Year 7 Writing Workshops

On Monday 22 and Wednesday 24 June (Week 11) all year 7 students were immersed in writing workshops to encourage narrative ideas and enhance creative writing skills. The students wrote on the theme for Shared Stories 2015 of ‘Remembering…’ Some students work will be selected for the ‘Shared Stories’ anthology.

The workshops were organised by ‘Express Media’, an Arts organisation expressly concerned with encouraging writing and creativity for teenagers. The workshops were conducted by industry professionals and include published authors, journalists and editors.

Joyce Sendeckyj
Head of Information Services

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